1) Sanitization Service

We use a vital oxidation disinfection system to kill coronavirus on Contact. It also kills 99.99% of bacteria and is effective against mold and mildew.

Our professionals could mask themselves with the PPE kit and gloves while executing the work. Best disinfection solutions are used. We offer our disinfection services in residential, commercials, and offices at a reasonable price. Disinfection can be done in both the interior and exterior of the building. As the chemical is completely nonhazardous and toxicity level for mammals is very low.

2) Rat Control Services

Eradicating rats is a very crucial task in our home or business. It will eat wires, clothes, paper, and food that could cause diseases. Food and Storage businesses need to eradicate these rats which cause huge damage to the products. We need to take steps to control things like keeping our place neat and no place to hide. Replace our dustbins with metal and fit the lid tightly to stop feeding the rats. There are many solutions to this, according to your problem. You can book our service and get a free inspection to analyze the problem.

3) Mosquitos and Flies Control Services

Are you tired of battling with mosquitos and flies? We have the best control solutions to your requirements. We offer our services to residentials, commercials and offices at a reasonable price. You need to take some steps to free yourself from these mosquitoes and flies like mess doors to your home and clean atmosphere. We need to follow these steps after having our service then we can control completely. It can cause health hazards like dengue and harmful diseases.

4) Cockroaches Control Services

Cockroaches which causes illness by contaminating food and most dangerous pest in the household. They hide in selves, cabins, drains and within kitchen appliances. It is very important to eradicate this pest in our house. Our experts will give the best solutions to this problem in your household. You can book these service through online. Free inspection service is also available.

5) Termite Control Services

In this service we offer pre construction, post construction, and dry wood terminate services. It is very important to eradicate termite in your premises. Flying termites in the house or emerging from the foundation of the wall indicates a termite infestation which needs immediate treatment. Our specialized post construction anti termite treatment acts as a protection against damages caused by subterranean termites for existing homes and business premises. Our experts will visit your location and give the detail note on the service.